Where To Visit In Croatia : Here The Recommendation

Although many do not know Croatia, this country is part of the Asian continent. The shape of this country is very unique in that it resembles a crescent moon. Croatia keeps a number of interesting tourist places to visit. The following are recommendations of where to visit in Croatia.

1. Plitvice Lakes

This place is part of a UNESCO world heritage site. This lake has a park which is used as two national parks at the same time. This lake has a park that is used as the oldest national park in Europe, besides it also becomes the largest national park in Croatia.

Visitors can visit various places on this lake, one of which is a waterfall. Visitors can get a different view of this waterfall in each season. Anyone who comes there will be spoiled with a variety of beautiful angles that are good for photo spots.

2. Upper Town or Gornji Grad

Gornji Grad is an old city in Croatia. This place is very historic and easily accessible.To get to this place you can walk or use the furnicular train.Visitors will be spoiled by the vintage atmosphere of the building there.

The scenery in Sorepun is no less beautiful because the color orange and combined with the state of the city will make it look like a painting. So Gornji Grad can be a choice of where to visit in Croatia.

3. Dubrovnik

One more beautiful city in Croatia that must be visited, namely Dubrovnik. There are around 50,000 people who occupy this city in the Adriatic Sea.Because of its beauty and uniqueness, the city has been named as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The city is on the seafront so it makes it look like a city on the water. The buildings there are made in such a way by using a red roof. Because it is located by the sea, visitors can take a boat or boat there.

4. Zadar

Zadar is a leading tourism city that has existed for a long time. In this city there are more than 3000 historical sites that are well preserved and preserved.In addition, there are also places where you can enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Visitors can immediately enjoy the beauty of the art installation created by Nicola Basic. This place presents light, sound play, and the background of the high seas. This place will be very suitable for people who are looking for peace after a long fatigue with daily busyness.

5. Trogir

The next choice for where to visit in Croatia is a historical city called Trogir. Because of its age and uniqueness, this city made it into the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites.Everything in this city is a cultural heritage from the Romanesque, Baroque and Renaissance era.

Visitors can walk around to enjoy the view from the beautiful buildings. In addition there are many cafes lined up so that visitors can choose where to rest while filling the stomach.

That’s just a few choices where to visit in Croatia. This country has many unique cities and can be used as tourist destinations. The beauty and uniqueness of these cities become a moment that is a pity to miss.