What to do in Osaka for Culture Occasions

When visiting Japan, one of the cities that tourists must visit in Osaka. As the capital city of Japan, Osaka offers many great things and places for visitors. People could find many authentic Japan foods, shopping places, theme parks and more. Spending the holiday in Osaka is exciting and worth the experience. However, since there are many places to visit, make sure to list what to do in Osaka.

Besides the famous places such as the Universal Studio and the Ferris Wheel, there are also traditional places. Visitors could learn and know more about Japan culture in Osaka with the help of the local people. The local people of Osaka are well known for their warm hospitality. To know more about what to do in Osaka in culture, here are the top lists of the activities.

1. Enjoy the View from the Top of Osaka-Jo

Osaka-Jo is one of the beautiful castles in Japan, that tourist must visit. The castle is easy to reach because it is in the middle of the town. Besides the great castle and the beautiful park surrounded, visitors could also go inside. There is a collection of weapons and artworks. Visitors could also reach up to the 8th floor and enjoy the view of the city.

2. Learn about Japanese traditional art in Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum

The next thing on what to do in Osaka is to visit the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum. This is a great place to visit during a trip to Japan. It is because visitors could learn more about Japan’s traditional art and Japanese print which made with blocks of woods. Moreover, the place appears just like a Japanese traditional house. Also, visitors could buy some traditional handicrafts here.

3. Relax at the old and famous Sumiyoshi Shrine

When going to Japan, do not forget to visit the traditional building, the shrine. One of the most beautiful yet oldest shrines is in Osaka, the Sumiyoshi Shrine. It is because the shrine has existed since 1800 years ago and has a beautiful ornate architecture. Whether the weather is summer or winter, this place is great to visit. With a bridge and a glassy pond, visitors could relax and enjoy the fresh environment.

4. Learn architecture at the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Japan is known for its unique shapes of architecture and buildings. Moreover, the strength of it since Japan is famous for the earthquake. Another thing about what to do in Osaka is to visit the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. Here visitors could know and learn about many kinds of structures of buildings and houses.

5. Enjoying the Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple is another great place to visit in Osaka. It is different from other religious architecture in Japan. Furthermore, this temple once was destroyed during World War II. However, the people maintain to rebuild it again with a combination of a modern style. Visitors would love this temple to photo and enjoy the view.

Visiting Japan is not complete without learning the culture things. The activities on what to do in Osaka are not only educative but also fun to do. Make sure to take selfies during the vacation here!