Tips on What to Wear for School After Winter Break

Winter break is one of the many moments in a year that most people await. In this period of the year, people will celebrate Christmas and new year moments. However, when the time has passed, it is time for kids to go back to school. Usually, one of their main problems, when this time comes, is what to wear for school after winter break. This problem usually occurs because the weather is starting to change. But sometimes is just because they want to wear new clothes after the break. Well, parents of teenagers, no need to worry about this issue because combining old and new clothes is one of the solutions.

Choosing the right outfit after a long winter break can sometimes be confusing. Usually, kids will want to wear all new clothes for their first day of school. However, by mixing up old and new clothes together, people can get a new appearance. So, try to combine and mix and match before having to buy many clothes. Here are some tips on what to wear for school after winter break that people can use:

1. Sweater & skirts

For girls who love to be feminism and still want to look pretty can combine between sweater and skirts together. Usually, girls will get new skirts for presents, therefore, they can wear them to school. However, because the weather is still cold, combine them using some old sweater. To make them look new, people can mix and match them using new shoes or new headbands. This way your appearance will still look pretty and new. Add some leggings to the look and will help warm the legs.

2. Knitted Sweater, Jeans and Shirt

These three clothing are some clothing that will never run out of time. People will always be wearing them from time to time. From adults to kids, these clothes are always comfortable and simple to wear. Because after winter break the temperature is still cold it is still best to wear something warm. Combine a shirt and sweater together to make the look simple but classy. Then use jeans and flat shoes to make them look pretty. However, if you want to look more girly use a long knee skirt with the top. 

3. Long Sleeve Shirt, Boots & Jeans

If you are still wondering what to wear for school after winter break can wear long sleeve shirts and jeans. Add some new scarf and boots to the look to make it more attracting. Wrapping knitted scarfs around the neck will make you warmer but also fashionable at the same time. For the boots, wear a new modern booth with false fur if possible. 

4. Long-sleeve Dress & Legging

For those who wants to look girly can use long sleeve dress and leggings together. To make it warmer, add simple plain cardigans to make it look prettier. Cardigans can be wear inside or outside the room, so it is a great option for girls. For the shoes, if the weather is friendly enough, use flat shoes. If not, then wear pretty boots to complete it.

5. Oversize Shirt / Sweater

Something that will always be an item of favorite clothing for teenagers is oversize shirts and sweaters. Combining them together can make people look slimmer and warm at the same time. Add some sneakers and hats to make them look sportier. 

So, no need to buy all new clothes for the new period after winter break. What to wear for school after winter break is easy if you can mix and match. The key to the look is to feel confident and comfortable. When you can feel these two, then you have the best clothes.