Did Feeling Hurt When Getting Your Period? The Tips About How To Relieve Period Cramps

The period time likes a special time which is girls need to face everything here. There are many distractions and sacrifices to be a girl more than a man can think. The period of time is more than just a period’s time. The changing of mood and crams is something that man will never know. Moreover, it is not easy to fix them especially the cramps. The period cramps are the most difficult thing that women should handle. Not all women can handle it and keep feeling hurt and cramps in every period. Therefore, in this golden chance, I will explain and elaborating valuable knowledge about how to relieve period cramps. If you one of the girls that have a cramps when having your period, you need to try this at home. Here are them.

1. Get Your Medicine

Medicine is the first thing that can help you to relieve period cramps. The medicine can relieve the pain, therefore, you still able to do your activities even you are in period time. The medicine that you might get is such as ibuprofen or Advil, acetaminophen, naproxen. Those medicines are the counter pain medicine. But, if you have a problem with medicine such as an allergy with aspirin medicine, you must have a consultation with the doctor and follow his solutions.

2. Do Some Exercise

If you asking about how to relieve period cramps, many people will recommend you to do some exercises. The exercise for relieve period cramps is not as heavy as a gym. You just need to do such as simple exercise as the healing for your cramps. The exercises include aerobics, jogging or running, riding a bike around the park, swimming or another activity that will make you move. You might do the exercise regularly amounts of 30 minutes every day in a week or every day along your period’s time. Don’t force yourself to conduct a heavy exercise. Just doing the simple thing but make it habitual.

3. Calming Yourself By Doing Yoga

When having period time, commonly the mood of woman will change suddenly. Sometimes they feel hurt or sad and change into angry. Therefore, when having period especially having period cramps, a woman needs to calm herself by doing activity such as yoga or meditation. It will help you to relieve the pain of period cramps. It is also can refresh your mind.

4. Take A Rest For A While

When you have a lot of activities then you are in a period’s time, you need to take a rest for a while from your activities. Having mood change or period crams is affect by stress and less break. Therefore, you need to take a break for a while in order to heal your mind and crams. Having enough rest or sleep can relieve stress and period crams. Thus, don’t push yourself too much.

Based on the elaboration on the previous paragraph, which one did you ever done? You might try one of them or some of them to relieve your period cram. Wondering about how to relieve period cramps is very important to think. but, don’t just think about it and try to fix it immediately.