6 Types Of Outfits You Should Avoid When Attending a Wedding Party

Going to a party means you have to dress properly. Everyone must be want to see as the most stunning people at the party. But, don’t forget that coming to a wedding party means you are going to make your friends which is the groom or bride happy to see you. Here are 6 types of outfits you should avoid when attending a wedding.

1. Breaking Dress Code

Sometimes a wedding party requires the guest to follow the dress code. The purpose is to make the whole aspect of the party look more harmonious.

Pay attention to the dress code. Don’t ever try to break the rule. If they said to use a pink dress, don’t use green or lemon. Just go with the pink and make them happy.

Choose the right style according to your signature or comfy style. So whatever the color is you will still look stunning and pretty.

2. All White or Black

Bride like to use white gown or dress, so don’t use the same. Wearing an all-white dress will make you look like you want to be the rival of the bride.

If you really want to use white, you can combine the white mini dress with a colored blazer. Add some color or use two pieces of clothes. Avoid white long dress, even more, if the dress looks glamorous.

Besides white, you also need to avoid wearing all black. Black is related to death. Wear it only if you want to go to a funeral.

A wedding is the start of a new life, they want a happy guest, not a sad one. So don’t ever choose an all-black dress if the groom or bride doesn’t ask it.

3. T-Shirt

Some people love to be casual people. But wearing a t-shirt at a party is not good. The newlywed will feel that you are not respecting them.

If you feel it doesn’t want to use a formal shirt, a t-shirt can be used as an inner. Then, wear a blazer.

4. Too Much Exposed Body

Being a sexy guest may be wrong for some occasions, especially at a wedding party. Choose the proper dress style to save yourself from being embarrassed.

Make sure the other guest will not think that you are going to flirt them. Choose only one point to show. For example, if your dress is opened at the back, don’t make too high cleavage on the legs.

5. Too Much Animal Print

Animal print is cute, but if you use a whole dress with an animal pattern to a wedding it may be wrong. Animal print can make you look sexy and be the center of attention.

You can still use it but make sure to hide it. Don’t put it as a big point in your fashion style. Maybe you can add the animal print in your clutch, or a little detail on your brooch.

6. Too Much Sequin

Sequin is glamour and sexy. Don’t use a full sequin dress at a wedding party. You don’t want to be a disco ball there right?

Sequin is still good if it is only in enough amount. It can be the statement of your dress.for example in your belt, at the edge of the sleeve, or somewhere else.

Those are some examples of outfits you should avoid when attending a wedding. Being a good guest is really important.

Come to a party means you respecting the newlywed. So, don’t just think about how you can be the center of attention or only think about what you like.

You have to adapt to the other guest, so you will not look weird. Dress well, don’t make yourself embarrass.