The Five Best Games with Story Android All the Time

One of the reasons why people enjoying a game is its storyline. Not many games have great character building and plot. Thus, to ensure that you play the right game, we are sharing with you the five best games with story Android here. Feel like you were really inside that virtual world. Then, enjoy the role you choose.

This game is really easy to play. Because you only follow the direction, then you will know what to do. Actually, there are various types of games with a story. But mostly it asks you to complete the mission. If you are typically someone who loves dive into the plot, these five best games with story Android might be suitable for you. Try one of them and enjoy your time!

1. Lonewolf

This game is full of conflicts, especially the moral one. You will be an assassin here that must kill people. It looks like a comic book style. Each level has a unique story. If you are a great shooter, then this game must be on your phone. When you play this game, you should keep aware. Because on several levels, you need to shoot without being alarmed.

2. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale was first launched as a PC game, then it was developed into a console game. Since Android became a trend, they made the Android version too. The storyline is funny, this what makes the game stands out. You will be equipped with weapons to kill the enemies.

3. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This game is sophisticated, fun, and very stylish. The game is about a Scythian warrior in searching a mysterious power in the Caucasus Mountains. You will be entertained with its music and eye-catching graphics. There are several battles you need to pass. However, your main goal is not only that battles, but you also have to explore and solve the riddles.

4. Her Story

This game actually invites controversy. The storyline is based one the police database about a murder in 1994. As the player, you should analyze the interview clips. But don’t be worry, even though it looks real, all things inside are fiction. The game provides a “search engine” so you can search for data needed by the keyword. You make a conclusion and ensure that yours the valid one.

5. Gone Home

We might say that one of the best games with story Android is Gone Home. This game is very interactive about a family. As a player, you will be a young girl who comes back after a long semester abroad. But things have changed totally, it starts from inside the house until the people. She cannot find anyone inside. Then, you find the letter, notes, and several clues. It is quite touching, but you still need to figure out why your family disappears.

Actually, there are still a lot of games with the story on the Google Play Store. But, as our recommendation, you should try one of the best games with story Android above. We have picked the best and most people play. So you will love them too to kill your boring during the day.