5 Educational Websites and Their Features

In this modern era that internet already exists, we can get and learn something easily. There are also a lot of websites that can be used as a way to know and learn things so we can learn things everywhere as long as we have the internet with us. This article is going to talk about 5 educational websites and their features

1.  Khanacademy

In this site people can learn things like mathematics, arts, and humanities. You can also be a participant as a volunteer in this site. One of the advantages of this website is there is SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)—a test that people have to do if they want to get in the university in America

2.  edX

It is a website that is created by two universities, Harvard University and MIT. The lessons that you can learn from this website sometimes are not taught in most school, like the basic class of Spanish that you can join for seven weeks. If you want to get certificate from the course that you have taken, you will need to pay a specific amount

3.  Alison

If you want to learn about design, there are some kinds of course in this website that you can choose, start from design thinking—analyzing and observing design. You can also get the diploma title here

4.  Brainly

The next 5 educational websites and their features that is going to talk is a website that has a tagline “from students by students”. So basically, in this website you can ask anything and also you can answer some questions that are asked by the other students. There are some choices of subjects that you can choose like history, math, language, and social studies

5.  Udemy

It is a perfect website that you can use to learn about design things, like logo design, character, digital painting, and many more. Every category has its module that you can get by paying around 10$. If you are already an expert in designing, this website also gives you the opportunity to be a mentorThose are the 5 educational websites and their features that you can try anytime and anywhere. It will make you easier to learn and get something new from your laptop or smartphone. It is also such a flexible way if you want to take courses but you do not have enough time to attend it.