What to do in Osaka for Culture Occasions

When visiting Japan, one of the cities that tourists must visit in Osaka. As the capital city of Japan, Osaka offers many great things and places for visitors. People could find many authentic Japan foods, shopping places, theme parks and more. Spending the holiday in Osaka is exciting and worth the experience. However, since there are many places to visit, make sure to list what to do in Osaka.

Besides the famous places such as the Universal Studio and the Ferris Wheel, there are also traditional places. Visitors could learn and know more about Japan culture in Osaka with the help of the local people. The local people of Osaka are well known for their warm hospitality. To know more about what to do in Osaka in culture, here are the top lists of the activities.

1. Enjoy the View from the Top of Osaka-Jo

Osaka-Jo is one of the beautiful castles in Japan, that tourist must visit. The castle is easy to reach because it is in the middle of the town. Besides the great castle and the beautiful park surrounded, visitors could also go inside. There is a collection of weapons and artworks. Visitors could also reach up to the 8th floor and enjoy the view of the city.

2. Learn about Japanese traditional art in Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum

The next thing on what to do in Osaka is to visit the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum. This is a great place to visit during a trip to Japan. It is because visitors could learn more about Japan’s traditional art and Japanese print which made with blocks of woods. Moreover, the place appears just like a Japanese traditional house. Also, visitors could buy some traditional handicrafts here.

3. Relax at the old and famous Sumiyoshi Shrine

When going to Japan, do not forget to visit the traditional building, the shrine. One of the most beautiful yet oldest shrines is in Osaka, the Sumiyoshi Shrine. It is because the shrine has existed since 1800 years ago and has a beautiful ornate architecture. Whether the weather is summer or winter, this place is great to visit. With a bridge and a glassy pond, visitors could relax and enjoy the fresh environment.

4. Learn architecture at the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Japan is known for its unique shapes of architecture and buildings. Moreover, the strength of it since Japan is famous for the earthquake. Another thing about what to do in Osaka is to visit the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. Here visitors could know and learn about many kinds of structures of buildings and houses.

5. Enjoying the Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple is another great place to visit in Osaka. It is different from other religious architecture in Japan. Furthermore, this temple once was destroyed during World War II. However, the people maintain to rebuild it again with a combination of a modern style. Visitors would love this temple to photo and enjoy the view.

Visiting Japan is not complete without learning the culture things. The activities on what to do in Osaka are not only educative but also fun to do. Make sure to take selfies during the vacation here!

Where To Visit In Croatia : Here The Recommendation

Although many do not know Croatia, this country is part of the Asian continent. The shape of this country is very unique in that it resembles a crescent moon. Croatia keeps a number of interesting tourist places to visit. The following are recommendations of where to visit in Croatia.

1. Plitvice Lakes

This place is part of a UNESCO world heritage site. This lake has a park which is used as two national parks at the same time. This lake has a park that is used as the oldest national park in Europe, besides it also becomes the largest national park in Croatia.

Visitors can visit various places on this lake, one of which is a waterfall. Visitors can get a different view of this waterfall in each season. Anyone who comes there will be spoiled with a variety of beautiful angles that are good for photo spots.

2. Upper Town or Gornji Grad

Gornji Grad is an old city in Croatia. This place is very historic and easily accessible.To get to this place you can walk or use the furnicular train.Visitors will be spoiled by the vintage atmosphere of the building there.

The scenery in Sorepun is no less beautiful because the color orange and combined with the state of the city will make it look like a painting. So Gornji Grad can be a choice of where to visit in Croatia.

3. Dubrovnik

One more beautiful city in Croatia that must be visited, namely Dubrovnik. There are around 50,000 people who occupy this city in the Adriatic Sea.Because of its beauty and uniqueness, the city has been named as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The city is on the seafront so it makes it look like a city on the water. The buildings there are made in such a way by using a red roof. Because it is located by the sea, visitors can take a boat or boat there.

4. Zadar

Zadar is a leading tourism city that has existed for a long time. In this city there are more than 3000 historical sites that are well preserved and preserved.In addition, there are also places where you can enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Visitors can immediately enjoy the beauty of the art installation created by Nicola Basic. This place presents light, sound play, and the background of the high seas. This place will be very suitable for people who are looking for peace after a long fatigue with daily busyness.

5. Trogir

The next choice for where to visit in Croatia is a historical city called Trogir. Because of its age and uniqueness, this city made it into the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites.Everything in this city is a cultural heritage from the Romanesque, Baroque and Renaissance era.

Visitors can walk around to enjoy the view from the beautiful buildings. In addition there are many cafes lined up so that visitors can choose where to rest while filling the stomach.

That’s just a few choices where to visit in Croatia. This country has many unique cities and can be used as tourist destinations. The beauty and uniqueness of these cities become a moment that is a pity to miss.

Tips on What to Wear for School After Winter Break

Winter break is one of the many moments in a year that most people await. In this period of the year, people will celebrate Christmas and new year moments. However, when the time has passed, it is time for kids to go back to school. Usually, one of their main problems, when this time comes, is what to wear for school after winter break. This problem usually occurs because the weather is starting to change. But sometimes is just because they want to wear new clothes after the break. Well, parents of teenagers, no need to worry about this issue because combining old and new clothes is one of the solutions.

Choosing the right outfit after a long winter break can sometimes be confusing. Usually, kids will want to wear all new clothes for their first day of school. However, by mixing up old and new clothes together, people can get a new appearance. So, try to combine and mix and match before having to buy many clothes. Here are some tips on what to wear for school after winter break that people can use:

1. Sweater & skirts

For girls who love to be feminism and still want to look pretty can combine between sweater and skirts together. Usually, girls will get new skirts for presents, therefore, they can wear them to school. However, because the weather is still cold, combine them using some old sweater. To make them look new, people can mix and match them using new shoes or new headbands. This way your appearance will still look pretty and new. Add some leggings to the look and will help warm the legs.

2. Knitted Sweater, Jeans and Shirt

These three clothing are some clothing that will never run out of time. People will always be wearing them from time to time. From adults to kids, these clothes are always comfortable and simple to wear. Because after winter break the temperature is still cold it is still best to wear something warm. Combine a shirt and sweater together to make the look simple but classy. Then use jeans and flat shoes to make them look pretty. However, if you want to look more girly use a long knee skirt with the top. 

3. Long Sleeve Shirt, Boots & Jeans

If you are still wondering what to wear for school after winter break can wear long sleeve shirts and jeans. Add some new scarf and boots to the look to make it more attracting. Wrapping knitted scarfs around the neck will make you warmer but also fashionable at the same time. For the boots, wear a new modern booth with false fur if possible. 

4. Long-sleeve Dress & Legging

For those who wants to look girly can use long sleeve dress and leggings together. To make it warmer, add simple plain cardigans to make it look prettier. Cardigans can be wear inside or outside the room, so it is a great option for girls. For the shoes, if the weather is friendly enough, use flat shoes. If not, then wear pretty boots to complete it.

5. Oversize Shirt / Sweater

Something that will always be an item of favorite clothing for teenagers is oversize shirts and sweaters. Combining them together can make people look slimmer and warm at the same time. Add some sneakers and hats to make them look sportier. 

So, no need to buy all new clothes for the new period after winter break. What to wear for school after winter break is easy if you can mix and match. The key to the look is to feel confident and comfortable. When you can feel these two, then you have the best clothes. 

Marketing Information System, Important For a Company

Marketing Information System is a series of interconnected sub-functions that function to process data about all marketing activities. The data will be used by company management to improve the quality of resources and the company itself. The following is a more detailed explanation of the discussion.

The Understanding

Marketing information systems are systems in the form of tools (computers, etc.) that work together with functional information systems to support company management in solving problems related to the marketing of a company’s products.

Another understanding is a system that manages the company, especially in completing the company’s computerized marketing. Besides that, the system provides information for sales, sales promotions, marketing activities, market research activities and others related to marketing.

The Evolution

In 1966, Prof. Philip Kotler of Northwestern University uses the term Marketing Nerve Center to describe a new unit in marketing that can collect, process marketing information and marketing units.

Although Kotler did not use the term this system that was what he had in mind. Kotler identifies 3 types of marketing information. Marketing (Marketing Intelligence). This information only flows from the surrounding environment to the company.

Second, Internal Marketing Information. This information is collected from within the company itself. Third, Marketing Communication. This information flows from the company to the surrounding environment.

The Benefits

The first is benefit is knowing customer needs. By looking at marketing data, companies will easily find the goods and services that customers want and like. This system processes marketing data.

So the company can find out what goods or services the customer likes or dislikes as well as the needs of what goods or services the customer wants. With the existence of an accurate marketing information system can be used as a reference for managers or leaders in making decisions.

The second is knowing more efficient and effective planning strategies. This system will produce some information that can be used in making effective and efficient planning.

The information generated by this system can be useful to make planning and marketing more efficient and effective. Moreover this can make the company able to achieve marketing goals.

The third is knowing the company’s threats. This information system will produce identification and find problems related to the company’s competitors. So the company can determine the more varied advantages such as good quality and lower prices.

The information obtained from this system will identify and predict competitor problems that will threaten the progress of the company or business. The information generated can also help determine the competitive advantage of a company or business.

For example lower prices or differentiation of more varied goods. So that it can useful as a solution to overcome competitors that will threaten the progress of the company or business.

The Advantage

The advantage is that the Company can process any information contained in the company; Simplify time management; Companies will be more alert to the erroneous data available; The company can control business development; moreover Company information systems will avoid fatal mistakes caused by humans.

Based on the description above, companies must be aware that the marketing information system is an important system for advancing the company. So, by using a computerized information system, the company will be easier to develop and achieve the targets desired by the company.

Like To Be Different? Here Are The Unusual Ideas For Photo Studios

In social media, there a lot of unique photos. Sometimes, when we look at our friends’ photo we want to get as beautiful as their photos. But, we also need to be different from them. The differences should be a fresh and unique photo. Therefore, our photo will be better than their photo. Did you ever think like that? But you never wonder how it will be? In this chance, I will give you more inspiration in order to help you to get your unusual ideas for photo studios.

1. Have The Same Color Theme Of Clothes

The first idea for unusual ideas for photo studios is having the same color theme with your partner. When you take a picture with your best friends and you want to have an unusual photo, you must try this. The same color theme will make you look compact as your best friends. The color is not totally the same. But you can combine them with the same them. For example, choose the color blue as the color them. Then, you wear dark blue and others wear soft blue or both blue and dark blue. Combine them as good as your style.

2. Unique Clothes Model

Except for color, you can also choose a unique model of clothes. The unique clothe doesn’t mean that you should the strange clothes that makes you shy. Big no. the unique clothes mean that the clothes which have a unique design such s big size clothes and many others. Therefore, your photo will look different from others with an unusual model but everything is still beautiful.

3. Put Your Hands Up Pose

The next unusual ideas for photo studios are by putting your hands up. By putting your hands up, your pose or your photos will look cheerful and happiness. Thus, when you want to take a cheerful photo especially together with your best friends, you should try this pose. Therefore, your photo will give a fun and cheerful atmosphere and makes people interested in you.

4. Cool Pose

This idea is dedicated to single or double photoshoots. The cool pose will start from choosing the background of the photo. Choose the cool place such as empty room, empty studio, unique and strange place. Then, combine the place with cool pose also. You may act like a candid photo. Pose as cool as you can. Do not point at the cameras, but point to a different side. Therefore, you will look like a cool and professional.

5. Artistic Pose

The last unusual ideas for photo studios are the artistic pose. Artistic pose means you act like an artistic person who closest to the strange pose. The example of artistic poses is closing your eyes, climbing pose with a strange body position, funny body position, candid pose.

By trying those kinds of unusual ideas for photo studios, you can improve our photo on social media. Therefore, you can build your popularity by sharing your unique and unusual photo studio. Save your memorable moment with your special person or best friend by trying those unusual photo studio.

6 Incredible Ways Of How to Combine Traditional And Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

To make your business grow faster, it may be a good idea to combine both traditional and digital marketing. Is there any way of how to combine traditional and digital marketing strategies for your business? Here are those smart ways.

1. Put A Barcode Of Your Website In Brochure

If you have an offline store, making a brochure or leaflet is still a must. You can add a barcode that contains your website or social media URL.

People who come to your store would be easier to know the product’s detail and new updates by social media or websites. They will tag your social media when they use your product.

Or they can mark themselves on maps when they are in your offline store. That activity would be free advertising. You don’t need to pay them, but you can let other people recognize your business.

2. Mark Your Offline Store in Digital Maps

Marking your offline store would be a great idea too. Google has provided google business which allows the owner to add their shop or business in their map.

Then, when people go there or near the business,  they will ask for giving a review. Moreover, if people are searching for something that relates to your business, your offline store will occur in their searching results.

Once again this can be a free advertisement. Then it can also make people trusted you more because your business looks more professional and ready to have a client.

3. Place A Banner, Give Discount Through Them

The next thing you can do is by making a banner. It can be placed near your business place or in a crowded place.

You can make them as a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies. Let people who share the banner’s photo in their social media to get a special discount or voucher.

It will make people aware of where you place the banner. Then after posting it online, your social media will get a new viewer.

4. Place An Advertisement in Newspaper

As mention before, placing an advertisement in a newspaper is still reasonable too. This way maybe not cheap, but it would make people think that your business is so professional.

Don’t forget to place your website or social media URL too. Make a very attracting and eyecatching adds so people will be interested in your business.

Another smart way is, you can give a voucher in your adds too. Simply cut the voucher, bring to offline store or capture to buy online the get the special price. Who doesn’t love that?

5. Adds In Radio and Streaming Apps

The next thing you can do to combine both marketing strategy is by making adds in radio or streaming apps. Now almost every radio also aired online.

So once you put the adds on the radio you can ask for a special price to put them in online streaming too.

6. Make Video, Promote Through Instagram And Digital Billboard

If you have more budget to do marketing you can place an advertisement for a billboard. Choose a digital billboard and make a creative video.

People on the road will be happy to see a creative video and try to search for your business. It also looks more professional than another type of advertisement.

Actually, there are so many types of traditional and digital marketing you can choose. But those 6 ways of how to combine traditional and digital marketing strategies for your business, are the most effective way to do that.

The key is to to be creative, and try to do something different than your competitor. Find your market and chase them in the right way.

Did Feeling Hurt When Getting Your Period? The Tips About How To Relieve Period Cramps

The period time likes a special time which is girls need to face everything here. There are many distractions and sacrifices to be a girl more than a man can think. The period of time is more than just a period’s time. The changing of mood and crams is something that man will never know. Moreover, it is not easy to fix them especially the cramps. The period cramps are the most difficult thing that women should handle. Not all women can handle it and keep feeling hurt and cramps in every period. Therefore, in this golden chance, I will explain and elaborating valuable knowledge about how to relieve period cramps. If you one of the girls that have a cramps when having your period, you need to try this at home. Here are them.

1. Get Your Medicine

Medicine is the first thing that can help you to relieve period cramps. The medicine can relieve the pain, therefore, you still able to do your activities even you are in period time. The medicine that you might get is such as ibuprofen or Advil, acetaminophen, naproxen. Those medicines are the counter pain medicine. But, if you have a problem with medicine such as an allergy with aspirin medicine, you must have a consultation with the doctor and follow his solutions.

2. Do Some Exercise

If you asking about how to relieve period cramps, many people will recommend you to do some exercises. The exercise for relieve period cramps is not as heavy as a gym. You just need to do such as simple exercise as the healing for your cramps. The exercises include aerobics, jogging or running, riding a bike around the park, swimming or another activity that will make you move. You might do the exercise regularly amounts of 30 minutes every day in a week or every day along your period’s time. Don’t force yourself to conduct a heavy exercise. Just doing the simple thing but make it habitual.

3. Calming Yourself By Doing Yoga

When having period time, commonly the mood of woman will change suddenly. Sometimes they feel hurt or sad and change into angry. Therefore, when having period especially having period cramps, a woman needs to calm herself by doing activity such as yoga or meditation. It will help you to relieve the pain of period cramps. It is also can refresh your mind.

4. Take A Rest For A While

When you have a lot of activities then you are in a period’s time, you need to take a rest for a while from your activities. Having mood change or period crams is affect by stress and less break. Therefore, you need to take a break for a while in order to heal your mind and crams. Having enough rest or sleep can relieve stress and period crams. Thus, don’t push yourself too much.

Based on the elaboration on the previous paragraph, which one did you ever done? You might try one of them or some of them to relieve your period cram. Wondering about how to relieve period cramps is very important to think. but, don’t just think about it and try to fix it immediately.

6 Types Of Outfits You Should Avoid When Attending a Wedding Party

Going to a party means you have to dress properly. Everyone must be want to see as the most stunning people at the party. But, don’t forget that coming to a wedding party means you are going to make your friends which is the groom or bride happy to see you. Here are 6 types of outfits you should avoid when attending a wedding.

1. Breaking Dress Code

Sometimes a wedding party requires the guest to follow the dress code. The purpose is to make the whole aspect of the party look more harmonious.

Pay attention to the dress code. Don’t ever try to break the rule. If they said to use a pink dress, don’t use green or lemon. Just go with the pink and make them happy.

Choose the right style according to your signature or comfy style. So whatever the color is you will still look stunning and pretty.

2. All White or Black

Bride like to use white gown or dress, so don’t use the same. Wearing an all-white dress will make you look like you want to be the rival of the bride.

If you really want to use white, you can combine the white mini dress with a colored blazer. Add some color or use two pieces of clothes. Avoid white long dress, even more, if the dress looks glamorous.

Besides white, you also need to avoid wearing all black. Black is related to death. Wear it only if you want to go to a funeral.

A wedding is the start of a new life, they want a happy guest, not a sad one. So don’t ever choose an all-black dress if the groom or bride doesn’t ask it.

3. T-Shirt

Some people love to be casual people. But wearing a t-shirt at a party is not good. The newlywed will feel that you are not respecting them.

If you feel it doesn’t want to use a formal shirt, a t-shirt can be used as an inner. Then, wear a blazer.

4. Too Much Exposed Body

Being a sexy guest may be wrong for some occasions, especially at a wedding party. Choose the proper dress style to save yourself from being embarrassed.

Make sure the other guest will not think that you are going to flirt them. Choose only one point to show. For example, if your dress is opened at the back, don’t make too high cleavage on the legs.

5. Too Much Animal Print

Animal print is cute, but if you use a whole dress with an animal pattern to a wedding it may be wrong. Animal print can make you look sexy and be the center of attention.

You can still use it but make sure to hide it. Don’t put it as a big point in your fashion style. Maybe you can add the animal print in your clutch, or a little detail on your brooch.

6. Too Much Sequin

Sequin is glamour and sexy. Don’t use a full sequin dress at a wedding party. You don’t want to be a disco ball there right?

Sequin is still good if it is only in enough amount. It can be the statement of your dress.for example in your belt, at the edge of the sleeve, or somewhere else.

Those are some examples of outfits you should avoid when attending a wedding. Being a good guest is really important.

Come to a party means you respecting the newlywed. So, don’t just think about how you can be the center of attention or only think about what you like.

You have to adapt to the other guest, so you will not look weird. Dress well, don’t make yourself embarrass.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hit Garage Sale

2019 is nearly ended, and you haven’t found anything to rebuild your decoration? Don’t you find any new idea to make a home look fresh and more interesting? Or…there isn’t enough money to bring some new decoration stuff? If that is the case, hitting some garage sales could be the best solution for you. Here are some reasons why you should hit garage sale this year.

1. Buy Things Cheaper Than Usual

In fact, you can find many cheaper goods at a garage sale. If you can’t include the decoration into your financial plan, visiting a garage sale is completely a must. Don’t need to bother about the price, don’t need to worry about the quality. Because in a garage sale, you can buy stuff less than its normal price, but still get the same qualities.

2. You Can Always Negotiate

If you come to an official shop to buy some brand new furniture, you couldn’t negotiate on your budget. Since the seller already decides the price, you don’t have any choice but to pay it whatsoever.

But the situation will be different if you come to a garage sale since you can always negotiate the cost. Most sellers at a garage sale come from the neighborhoods around, just the same as you. This is one of the reasons why you should hit garage sale.

3. Find Many Unique Collections You Never Know Before

Do you like to furnish with some unique stuff? Love to have some limited-edition things you can’t buy years and decades ago? A garage sale is the best resource for you to build up your unique collection. You can buy a limited-edition guitar, antique glasses, and frames, wooden furniture, just by coming to a garage sale nearby.

These unique collections are one of the best reasons why you should hit garage sale. Especially if you’re a good-stuff hunter who likes to collect things most people don’t have.

4. Stock Yourself with Nostalgic Stuff

Besides finding some unique collections, you can also find nostalgic stuff like old records, old-fashioned furniture, and many others.

Coming to a garage sale will bring back the memories you have when you were still younger. And once you get there, you can buy the dearly nostalgic stuff and bring it back to your home. In fact, this is why there are so many people visit a garage sale: to buy their “memories” back.

5. It’s Not That Bad To Buy Second-hand Things

Most people underestimate second-hand item, especially when it comes to the quality. But their arguments make no sense, since buying second-hand things doesn’t always mean losing its best quality.

It did happen to me over and over before this. I came to many garage sales in the town and found items whose quality was just the same as the new one.

Regarding this, we can conclude that buying second-hand stuff isn’t that bad. Though you still need to carefully examine the item you want to buy.

So that’s all the reasons why you should hit garage sale, any garage sale nearby before this year ends! However, make sure you don’t buy items who have severely broken. Choose wisely the item you want to buy, so you could get the satisfaction of coming to a garage sale.

Some of Famous Instagram Accounts for Photography You Should Follow!

Instagram is the best platform to enjoy many beautiful photos and also short videos. On there, a lot of photographers posted their photos on Instagram to catch more attention. But, not all of them can have famous Instagram accounts for photography. Instagram offers big opportunities to connect the photographer with many brands or influencers. 

Instagram can be the catalog for posting a lot of pictures. It brings the new field in photography and brings them to a new level. However, the photographer should have fresh and unusual content to increase their followers and getting famous. Here are some of the famous Instagram accounts for photography.

1. Chris Burkard (@Chrisburkard)

Chris Burkard starts his journey on Instagram in Iceland in 2013. He has been there to take a picture of surfers and one of the surfers tells him about Instagram. Moreover, he is the specialist to capture the visceral experience in sports or outdoor adventures. Above all, this person working and calculate the best way to increase and reach his followers. As a result, he succeeds to reach more than 2.3 million followers.

2. David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder)

David Guttenfelder is chief of Asia photographer in Associated Press. From 2011 to 2014, the company located him in North Korea, the country who closed from the world. Besides, He is the true journalist where many of his pictures show the real situation. Moreover, he said that photography truly changes his way to see the entire world. He has more than 987 thousand followers on Instagram and this platform has more meaning on him.

3. Pei Ketron (@pketron)

Pei Ketron is a woman on famous Instagram accounts for photography. This shows us that women also can take a great photo if they want. Moreover, she starts her career as a photographer freelance and then she becomes famous on Instagram. On the other hand, she also becomes a media consulter and managing some projects. If you want to get more followers, she recommends you to post consistently.

4. Adam Senatori (@adamsenatori)

Nowadays, Adam is one of the photographers that can produce a lot of aerial pictures. Adam is a professional pilot but also loved to take some pictures in wherever he landing. Besides, He has been visited a lot of places where many travelers only can dream about it. You should check his profile to see his awesome pictures. Above all, Adam Senatori had a lot of unbelievable landscapes on their pictures.

5. Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante had a verified account with almost 1 million followers on his Instagram. However, He takes a lot of pictures with the beautiful landscape as a background with a human as the main object. He can take a picture that has a lot of meaning while you seeing it. Above all, he is so smart to choose the angle and make the picture looks aesthetic.

6. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

The name of Murad Osmann starts to become famous on Follow Me To project with his wife. He succeeds gained more than 4.5 million followers from that project. On the other hand, they can travel around the world for free in a case to work on the production company. Amazingly, he can do some of the collaboration with some big companies like Samsung. Above all, he can build other businesses like started a fashion brand.

So there are some of the famous Instagram accounts for photography. You can follow one of them and take the inspiration from that awesome account.