Marketing Information System, Important For a Company

Marketing Information System is a series of interconnected sub-functions that function to process data about all marketing activities. The data will be used by company management to improve the quality of resources and the company itself. The following is a more detailed explanation of the discussion.

The Understanding

Marketing information systems are systems in the form of tools (computers, etc.) that work together with functional information systems to support company management in solving problems related to the marketing of a company’s products.

Another understanding is a system that manages the company, especially in completing the company’s computerized marketing. Besides that, the system provides information for sales, sales promotions, marketing activities, market research activities and others related to marketing.

The Evolution

In 1966, Prof. Philip Kotler of Northwestern University uses the term Marketing Nerve Center to describe a new unit in marketing that can collect, process marketing information and marketing units.

Although Kotler did not use the term this system that was what he had in mind. Kotler identifies 3 types of marketing information. Marketing (Marketing Intelligence). This information only flows from the surrounding environment to the company.

Second, Internal Marketing Information. This information is collected from within the company itself. Third, Marketing Communication. This information flows from the company to the surrounding environment.

The Benefits

The first is benefit is knowing customer needs. By looking at marketing data, companies will easily find the goods and services that customers want and like. This system processes marketing data.

So the company can find out what goods or services the customer likes or dislikes as well as the needs of what goods or services the customer wants. With the existence of an accurate marketing information system can be used as a reference for managers or leaders in making decisions.

The second is knowing more efficient and effective planning strategies. This system will produce some information that can be used in making effective and efficient planning.

The information generated by this system can be useful to make planning and marketing more efficient and effective. Moreover this can make the company able to achieve marketing goals.

The third is knowing the company’s threats. This information system will produce identification and find problems related to the company’s competitors. So the company can determine the more varied advantages such as good quality and lower prices.

The information obtained from this system will identify and predict competitor problems that will threaten the progress of the company or business. The information generated can also help determine the competitive advantage of a company or business.

For example lower prices or differentiation of more varied goods. So that it can useful as a solution to overcome competitors that will threaten the progress of the company or business.

The Advantage

The advantage is that the Company can process any information contained in the company; Simplify time management; Companies will be more alert to the erroneous data available; The company can control business development; moreover Company information systems will avoid fatal mistakes caused by humans.

Based on the description above, companies must be aware that the marketing information system is an important system for advancing the company. So, by using a computerized information system, the company will be easier to develop and achieve the targets desired by the company.