Best Destinations For European Summer, The Traveler Should Know This

Europe is known as a beautiful place for spending a holiday. This place provides many beautiful places in whatever the seasons, especially summer. If you haven’t visited Europe in the summer, you should try to visit this place on our next holiday. You can build your knowledge by the best destinations for European summer in the following paragraph first as the preparation.

1. Santorini in Greece

There are many activities that we can do along with summer in Europe. However, Santorini in Greece is the best place to visit in the European summer also. Santorini island provides you a wonderful panorama inside. You will face the red and black sand of beaches. around the beach, you can also bike while enjoying the air and panorama of the summer season. Every side of Santorini is good looking and great. It will be a great summer holiday.

2. Lagos in Portugal

Portugal also has a beautiful place in summer. If you want to spend your summer holiday in a relaxing place, you might spend your holiday in Lagos Portugal. Not only Relaxing place, but Lagos is also cheap that can be the best place along with the summer. The beach is surrounded by big Rock and cliffs. The air and the water of the beach can make a perfect harmony to complete your relaxing holiday in Lagos.

3. Valencia in Spain

Spain is a great place to visit, especially in summer. Except for spending a long day on the beach, Valencia in Spain provides more beautiful places that are also the best option for spending summer. You may eat the most wanted food in Valencia like gelato and dinner in Tapas while enjoying wine. Moreover, you can go around Valencia’s old town which has a wonderful historical building panorama and street art. If you ever hear about Romeo and Juliet, you may get the Romeo and Juliet feeling in the Valencia old town.

4. Budapest in Hungary

The fourth best destinations for European summer are Budapest in Hungary. This place provides the best place for a picnic with a beautiful panorama. There are the beautiful Danube river, Buda castle, Lake Balaton, and also Stephen’s Cathedral. However, the most famous places are Lake Balaton which is many visitors spend their summer here. You might get your wonderful summer holiday memory as long as here.

5. Reykjavik in Iceland

Another best trip in the summer holiday is going to Reykjavik in Iceland. You might go around the island which provides beautiful panorama on the whole surface. The views of summer in Iceland are better than another season, especially winter. In summer, we will see many interesting places such as waterfall, diving, hiking volcanoes, and many others. No one can regret to have a summer holiday here.

There many beautiful places on our beloved earth. However, the best destinations for European summer are also being the best option to spend your summer holiday. Invite your beloved friend, couple, and also family to get a better holiday than alone. We will sure, that you will build your unforgettable memory in every place as long as you are happy.

What to do in Osaka for Culture Occasions

When visiting Japan, one of the cities that tourists must visit in Osaka. As the capital city of Japan, Osaka offers many great things and places for visitors. People could find many authentic Japan foods, shopping places, theme parks and more. Spending the holiday in Osaka is exciting and worth the experience. However, since there are many places to visit, make sure to list what to do in Osaka.

Besides the famous places such as the Universal Studio and the Ferris Wheel, there are also traditional places. Visitors could learn and know more about Japan culture in Osaka with the help of the local people. The local people of Osaka are well known for their warm hospitality. To know more about what to do in Osaka in culture, here are the top lists of the activities.

1. Enjoy the View from the Top of Osaka-Jo

Osaka-Jo is one of the beautiful castles in Japan, that tourist must visit. The castle is easy to reach because it is in the middle of the town. Besides the great castle and the beautiful park surrounded, visitors could also go inside. There is a collection of weapons and artworks. Visitors could also reach up to the 8th floor and enjoy the view of the city.

2. Learn about Japanese traditional art in Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum

The next thing on what to do in Osaka is to visit the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum. This is a great place to visit during a trip to Japan. It is because visitors could learn more about Japan’s traditional art and Japanese print which made with blocks of woods. Moreover, the place appears just like a Japanese traditional house. Also, visitors could buy some traditional handicrafts here.

3. Relax at the old and famous Sumiyoshi Shrine

When going to Japan, do not forget to visit the traditional building, the shrine. One of the most beautiful yet oldest shrines is in Osaka, the Sumiyoshi Shrine. It is because the shrine has existed since 1800 years ago and has a beautiful ornate architecture. Whether the weather is summer or winter, this place is great to visit. With a bridge and a glassy pond, visitors could relax and enjoy the fresh environment.

4. Learn architecture at the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Japan is known for its unique shapes of architecture and buildings. Moreover, the strength of it since Japan is famous for the earthquake. Another thing about what to do in Osaka is to visit the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. Here visitors could know and learn about many kinds of structures of buildings and houses.

5. Enjoying the Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple is another great place to visit in Osaka. It is different from other religious architecture in Japan. Furthermore, this temple once was destroyed during World War II. However, the people maintain to rebuild it again with a combination of a modern style. Visitors would love this temple to photo and enjoy the view.

Visiting Japan is not complete without learning the culture things. The activities on what to do in Osaka are not only educative but also fun to do. Make sure to take selfies during the vacation here!

Where To Visit In Croatia : Here The Recommendation

Although many do not know Croatia, this country is part of the Asian continent. The shape of this country is very unique in that it resembles a crescent moon. Croatia keeps a number of interesting tourist places to visit. The following are recommendations of where to visit in Croatia.

1. Plitvice Lakes

This place is part of a UNESCO world heritage site. This lake has a park which is used as two national parks at the same time. This lake has a park that is used as the oldest national park in Europe, besides it also becomes the largest national park in Croatia.

Visitors can visit various places on this lake, one of which is a waterfall. Visitors can get a different view of this waterfall in each season. Anyone who comes there will be spoiled with a variety of beautiful angles that are good for photo spots.

2. Upper Town or Gornji Grad

Gornji Grad is an old city in Croatia. This place is very historic and easily accessible.To get to this place you can walk or use the furnicular train.Visitors will be spoiled by the vintage atmosphere of the building there.

The scenery in Sorepun is no less beautiful because the color orange and combined with the state of the city will make it look like a painting. So Gornji Grad can be a choice of where to visit in Croatia.

3. Dubrovnik

One more beautiful city in Croatia that must be visited, namely Dubrovnik. There are around 50,000 people who occupy this city in the Adriatic Sea.Because of its beauty and uniqueness, the city has been named as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The city is on the seafront so it makes it look like a city on the water. The buildings there are made in such a way by using a red roof. Because it is located by the sea, visitors can take a boat or boat there.

4. Zadar

Zadar is a leading tourism city that has existed for a long time. In this city there are more than 3000 historical sites that are well preserved and preserved.In addition, there are also places where you can enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Visitors can immediately enjoy the beauty of the art installation created by Nicola Basic. This place presents light, sound play, and the background of the high seas. This place will be very suitable for people who are looking for peace after a long fatigue with daily busyness.

5. Trogir

The next choice for where to visit in Croatia is a historical city called Trogir. Because of its age and uniqueness, this city made it into the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites.Everything in this city is a cultural heritage from the Romanesque, Baroque and Renaissance era.

Visitors can walk around to enjoy the view from the beautiful buildings. In addition there are many cafes lined up so that visitors can choose where to rest while filling the stomach.

That’s just a few choices where to visit in Croatia. This country has many unique cities and can be used as tourist destinations. The beauty and uniqueness of these cities become a moment that is a pity to miss.

San Diego Shark Diving, For You Who Like To Pump Adrenalin

If you feel scuba diving is no longer challenging, how about shark diving? Some of you may be questioned. What is shark diving? It’s diving with sharks. It’s very challenging, isn’t it? Though sounds dangerous, this shark diving is pretty safe. It’s because there is a cage where you go in and then the sharks will be out of the cage. Nowadays, shark diving is popular among people. Many countries open this as object tourists. San Diego shark diving is one of the most popular places. If you wish to know, here is the spot of San Diego shark diving.

1. Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island is a volcanic island that’s popular for its shark diving. Although its location is far from the main island, many tourists come to this place just for the chill. Yes, that’s right. The tourist that come far from the main island want to taste how to diving with the most primal predator, the great white shark. Beside it, you can also do sightseeing of fur seals, tuna and sea lion. But to get all of these you must visit Guadalupe Island in August to October when the temperature is warm.

You may be scared of the shark when doing this shark diving. But, there’s no need to worry for you will enter a cage before diving in the sea. This must-have done to keep your safety from the great white shark that will accompany your diving.

2. Waterhorse Charter

When talking about San Diego Shark Diving, you must include waterhorse charter. You can encounter the sharks on the coast of San Diego as Waterhorse Charter is the local dive boat. There is some kind of sharks you can find there such as hammerhead shark, blue shark, and mako shark. To accurately pinpoint the sharks’ location the dive team will communicate with the fishing boat captain and shark expert.

In this Waterhorse Charter, you do not need a cage to dive with the shark. This because blue shark and mako shark are not the killer sharks and tend to be tame. But you can’t let your guard down for these animals are wild animals. Once you let down your guard there no guarantee what’ll happen to you.

3. California Shark Diving

California Shark Diving is located in San Diego-Southern California. As you know, California has the highest shark population in the world. This makes it the best place for shark diving. There, you will find many species such as hammerhead shark, mako shark, blue shark, and even great white shark. What’s more, California Shark Diving offers trips even to amateur. So, it is no problem whether you have experience or not. Because it will help you to enjoy your shark diving.

4. The Bahamas

Do you want to experience shark diving without a cage? If yes, then let’s go to the Bahamas. You can dive closely with the main target, Tiger and Hammerhead sharks without a cage at all. Not only that, but you can also visit the other shark sites such as Caribbean Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Lemon Sharks, and even Bull Sharks. Before you arrive in The Bahamas, you have to ride a boat and get your password and other documents checked. After that, you will go to the sites depending on the weather. Just pray that the weather is good so you can enjoy the trip wholeheartedly.

San Diego Shark Diving become one of destination for its shark population. Besides many species live in California’s sea, the number is high. Thus, make it possible to do shark diving every day in a year. For you who have a thirst for a thrilling experience that pumps adrenalin,  this shark diving is the right choice. It’s not an everyday occurrence to see the shark nearly.