Photo Booth Ideas For Wedding ReceptionTo Make Unforgettable Moment

Many people claim that a wedding is the most important part of life. That’s why you have to make this moment carves in your heart as the happiest event ever. For that purpose, there are many things you have to prepare. And a photo booth is a part of those things. You can use it to make memories with your friends and family. Let’s preserve your moment in the beautiful outfits and a beautiful smile on a wonderful photo booth. To do that, you can choose these photo booth ideas for wedding reception.

1. Stand-Up Board

There are many photo booth ideas for wedding reception that you can use. A stand-up board may suit you if you like to have fun with your friends and family. It can also catch your happy moment perfectly. As for the design, you can choose whatever you want. If you like, you can even make your and your partner figure as the design. Of course, with the hole on the face part so people can stick their heads and act like the bride and the groom.

2. Curtain Photobooth

A simple private photo booth is good for people who dislike crowds. It’s very easy to make and you can even make it yourself. What you need is a place far from crowds and a curtain that matches with your wedding theme. Furthermore, you can also add some ornament such as a lamp or a chair to make it more elegant. With this simple design, the people who take a photo will get more spotlight.

3. Fake-Framed Wall

A backdrop sometimes is used for photo booths at a wedding reception. However, a plain backdrop won’t do anything well. That’s why you can design it in a way that makes it like a wall. Of course, you can’t leave the images that printed on it. The image that matches your wedding theme is the best fake-framed wall. Don’t forget to add a chair to make it looks like a room. And to make it funnier adds some holes where people can stick their head out.

4. Chalkboard

Are you looking for unique yet cheap photo booths? If that the case, then you can choose this chalkboard. You just need to prepare a large blackboard with white letters printed on it. Furthermore. you can add some ornaments like flowers from paper to make it looks nice. It’s very simple, isn’t it? However, it still has a unique vibe.

Moreover, if you let your guests write a message on the blackboard. As time pass, it will get merrier and merrier with the message. To do that, you have to leave chalks and damp cloth so the guests can write their messages.

When celebrating a wedding, you have to prepare many things such as a theme, foods, photo booths, and many more. Although seems trivial, photo booths can make your wedding merrier. Moreover, you can capture all the happiest moments of your life in a unique way with it. That’s why you need to choose an appropriate photo booth ideas for wedding reception so that your wedding will go smoothly.

Some of Famous Instagram Accounts for Photography You Should Follow!

Instagram is the best platform to enjoy many beautiful photos and also short videos. On there, a lot of photographers posted their photos on Instagram to catch more attention. But, not all of them can have famous Instagram accounts for photography. Instagram offers big opportunities to connect the photographer with many brands or influencers. 

Instagram can be the catalog for posting a lot of pictures. It brings the new field in photography and brings them to a new level. However, the photographer should have fresh and unusual content to increase their followers and getting famous. Here are some of the famous Instagram accounts for photography.

1. Chris Burkard (@Chrisburkard)

Chris Burkard starts his journey on Instagram in Iceland in 2013. He has been there to take a picture of surfers and one of the surfers tells him about Instagram. Moreover, he is the specialist to capture the visceral experience in sports or outdoor adventures. Above all, this person working and calculate the best way to increase and reach his followers. As a result, he succeeds to reach more than 2.3 million followers.

2. David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder)

David Guttenfelder is chief of Asia photographer in Associated Press. From 2011 to 2014, the company located him in North Korea, the country who closed from the world. Besides, He is the true journalist where many of his pictures show the real situation. Moreover, he said that photography truly changes his way to see the entire world. He has more than 987 thousand followers on Instagram and this platform has more meaning on him.

3. Pei Ketron (@pketron)

Pei Ketron is a woman on famous Instagram accounts for photography. This shows us that women also can take a great photo if they want. Moreover, she starts her career as a photographer freelance and then she becomes famous on Instagram. On the other hand, she also becomes a media consulter and managing some projects. If you want to get more followers, she recommends you to post consistently.

4. Adam Senatori (@adamsenatori)

Nowadays, Adam is one of the photographers that can produce a lot of aerial pictures. Adam is a professional pilot but also loved to take some pictures in wherever he landing. Besides, He has been visited a lot of places where many travelers only can dream about it. You should check his profile to see his awesome pictures. Above all, Adam Senatori had a lot of unbelievable landscapes on their pictures.

5. Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante had a verified account with almost 1 million followers on his Instagram. However, He takes a lot of pictures with the beautiful landscape as a background with a human as the main object. He can take a picture that has a lot of meaning while you seeing it. Above all, he is so smart to choose the angle and make the picture looks aesthetic.

6. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

The name of Murad Osmann starts to become famous on Follow Me To project with his wife. He succeeds gained more than 4.5 million followers from that project. On the other hand, they can travel around the world for free in a case to work on the production company. Amazingly, he can do some of the collaboration with some big companies like Samsung. Above all, he can build other businesses like started a fashion brand.

So there are some of the famous Instagram accounts for photography. You can follow one of them and take the inspiration from that awesome account.