10 Best Learning Method For Students During The Quarantine At Home 

Students during the quarantine at home, they do homework themselves. Therefore, it is important to discipline children to want to learn. Students must be independent even if they learn at home. Here are 10  the best learning method for students during the quarantine. Namely :

1. Explain To Them Slowly 

Children will be more enthusiastic in learning by understanding the aims and objectives of the quarantine process. Thus, it is the duty of parents to explain that the quarantine process is a learning activity at home, not for holidays. So, they will understand slowly. 

2. Using the Learning Platform 

The second tip for the best learning method for students during the quarantine is using a learning platform on the gadget. Besides that, it is more practice and students will learn it is more fun, not boredom. They can learn each was in another situation. So, they can get high concentration. 

3. Create Online Study Groups

During the quarantine, it well hard to make a study group. But don’t worry, they can create a study group online. Create a study group on your smartphone. So, it is more interesting. Students can discuss the lessons in each other. Basically, learning with friends will more understand. 

4. Have Special Hours of Study

Time management is required. So the parents should give them attention to learn and to play. So, they have quality time between games and play. Thus they will discipline. It is one of the best learning method for students during the quarantine 

5. Two-Way Communication With Parents and Teachers. 

Another the best method for students during the quarantine is two-way communication with parents and teachers. Using a video call feature with the teacher. Thus, they can ask questions about lessons that are not understood by them. So, they will independent to finish their duties. 

6. Download Important Materi For Learning 

One of the best methods is downloading material from the internet.  All material that supports learning activities at home.Thus. Downloading material related to the subject will enrich the knowledge.  Thus, learning activities during quarantine will be more effective.

7. Make Quiz For Refreshing

Sometimes students feel bored, so to make them more enthusiastic in learning can give a Quiz. Giving them a quiz in between learning time can relax their minds again. So, they will more refreshing and easy to concentration. 

8. Entry Journal 

Journal Entry is one of the best Online learning methods.  They can keep a daily journal of the tasks they have done. Thus, it will be more effective to make a list of homework that does and don’t. Journals can also measure the extent to which students’ abilities in mastering lessons.

9. Get Homework 

Studying during quarantine, each student must be more independent.  For this reason, every school is required to socialize online applications so that it is easy to provide homework to these students.  Students can also easily access their homework.  

10. Using Applications For Learning 

The best method for students during the quarantine is using an application for learning at home. Teachers can give the homework for students, easily with cloud systems. Besides that, students can access their homework and lesson, easily. So, teachers can give a mark to their students online, so do the students. 

Those are some of the best online methods for students during the quarantine. So, they can learn at home, independent. They need some suggestions and explain that important learning from home during the quarantine. 

Best Education Websites To Learn Languages Easily And Comfortable

In this globalization era having only a native language will obstruct your improvement. As you need to interact with a lot of people from different backgrounds and languages, you need to possess more than one language. And to be a master in foreign languages, you need to study. Fortunately, it’s easy to learn other languages in this era. You can even learn them through the Internet. So, here are the recommendations for the best education websites to learn languages.

1. Duolingo

One of the best education websites to learn languages is Duolingo, especially when you want to learn from the basics. When you come to this site to learn, first of all, you’ll have to remember the basics words of the language you want to learn. After you get used to the words, you will learn the simple sentences.

Furthermore, you can see how much your progression with the language you learn with the help of the native. However, this app is not good enough if you have reached an advanced level. Nonetheless, it’s the best website for you if you want to learn a language from scratch. And you don’t even have to spend money to learn from this site as it is free.

2. FluentU

If you want to learn with fun and interesting methods, then go with FluentU. Unlike the other sites, FluentU teaches using videos as the method. Rather than formal instructional videos, this site uses fun videos such as movie clips, music videos or even just talking people.

Moreover, the video presents interactive, captions to make it easier for to you understand the language. However, this is not a free site. You have to pay for some money after the trial period that is 15 days.

3. Rype 

Rype is a website where you can learn a language in a  unique way. In this site, you will not learn a foreign language through videos or quizzes, instead,  you will have personal instructors to teach you. The method of this site is that you have 30 to 60 minutes where you will learn a language with the instructor through video calls.

However, the languages provided by this site are lesser than any other sites though it will improve soon.  And to be able to learn from this site you have to pay for about $65/month after seven days trial.

4. Babbel

Unlike the other language-learning sites where you learn a general topic, Babbel gives a particular topic you want to learn such as travel, food, and etc. After you choose the topic, you will learn the vocabulary regarding the topic.

If you wish to learn foreign languages through this site, you will have to spend about $12.95 per month. Also, this site does not provide free trial days though there is a payback on day 20. 

Nowadays, learn the other nation’s language is easier than before. Because of the existence of websites, you have a chance to learn many languages without too much effort. Furthermore, instead of going to various places just to learn the languages, you just need to stare at your phone or computer. So choose your best education websites to learn languages.

Best Way To Learn Foreign Languages, Take A Peek At The Steps

Humans are born with a language instinct. Our brains are naturally bound to language. You can learn any language, anytime. No need to bother going to the destination country to be able to learn the language. The following is the best way to learn foreign languages.

1. Learn The Right Vocabulary in The Right Way

The best way to learn foreign languages is enriching your vocabulary. Vocabulary is the most common obstacle in learning a language (even in Indonesian), and most often makes people give up before even actually starting. The main key to being proficient in foreign languages ​​is to get closer to words that are familiar and are often used in everyday conversation.

Find out what vocabulary and phrases are most commonly used by people when talking move them into your homemade notes or use apps, such as the Anki app that you can download and learn regularly with a time-honed repetition strategy (once a day, every other day, etc).

Or, you can use your favorite reading books as a child (which you understand inside and outside of the storyline). Snow White or Pinocchio, for example in versions of the languages ​​you are learning as well as your mother tongue (for example, the Indonesian version, English, German and French).

2. Learn Languages ​​Every Day.

Many people claim to have studied a particular language for years but have not yet fluently used the language they are learning. It is possible that those who have learned the language for many years only learn it for a few hours a week.

If you want to learn a foreign language quickly, for example in a matter of weeks or months, you must commit to learning the language several hours a day. Repetition is very important in the language learning process.

So repeat vocabulary and sentences until you remember them. If you rest for too long, you can forget the things you just learned, and your study time will be wasted to repeat what has been learned.

3. Pay Attention to Word Pronunciation

Word pronunciation is the next ability you must learn. Memorizing your words will not be useful if you cannot pronounce them correctly. Therefore, when memorizing a word make sure to know how to pronounce it.

Learning the pronunciation of words through books can be quite difficult. To overcome this, use the help of native speakers or interactive programs. Say the word out loud until you master it.

If you practice pronunciation with native speakers, make sure the tutor does not immediately correct each time you make a mistake. If you are continually corrected, you will not master the pronunciation. Remember that pronunciation can distinguish between good speakers and fluent speakers.

4. Maintain The Quality and Quantity of Learning

Learning a language certainly has many obstacles, and many aspects of language can discourage someone. So, especially at the beginning of learning, it is important to prioritize quality to build a strong foundation. Where we can later expand our knowledge in a language.

It is important to focus on small portions of material and study them thoroughly from the beginning until understand. Some rules of thumb that can use as guidelines: Understand short and superficial language texts or units first. Long text or dialogue can cause you to easily distracted.

Learn 1-3 times a day, periodically in a fair share of time (for example, every 4 hours); Arm yourself with various skills. For example, when studying grammatical units “simple tense”, learn from different perspectives (read, talk, listen); Schedule your study period effectively.

Avoid studying at risky times for you to distract, and Focus your study time. Thirty minutes of one language intensive learning period is 10 times more effective than “multitasking” two hours for two languages ​​at the same time (or working on language unit that you think is too difficult).

Those are some of the best way to learn foreign languages. Don’t hesitate to be able to learn foreign languages. Because the trick is easy to do.

Tips on How to Get Today Latest Education News

If you want to get around information about today latest education news quickly, now it’s very easy for you to do. Especially now is an era where all-round technology in everyday life. You will get all the information you want as soon as possible without requiring a long time, more costs, and conditions that can make you dizzy. The existence of technology makes you spoiled in everything, even in getting your information exactly what you want.

To be able to make this happen, all you need is a few things, such as a device, and also an internet network connection for your device. Devices that can be used to access the information include laptops, PCs, or smartphones. Take an easy example, if you have a smartphone, you have already fulfilled one of these requirements so you can get today latest education news quickly. Smartphone ownership has now become commonplace and everyone must have these tools. The second is an internet connection for your device. You can use cable internet for devices like PC or wifi for your laptop or smartphone. You can also take advantage of the data quota package offered by each operator provider that you use on your smartphone.

After that, you can simply open the news portal site through a browser on your smartphone. Later, you can make it a bookmark that can be marked and placed on the home screen of your smartphone. Besides, you can also take advantage of social media such as LINE which offers LINE today to place the various news they offer. Let LINE Today automatically notify you of what’s happening right now. You can also take advantage of a variety of media applications that are also created by any existing media journalist or third party that does specialize in applications that they make to serve as news portals.

You can download these applications through the AppStore if your smartphone is an iPhone device or through PlayStore if your smartphone is an Android device. You will be given so many application choices that you can download in the form of media portal applications, as you wish. From each of these applications, several applications allow them to be downloaded for free and some have to pay to be able to download them. Sometimes, even free applications usually provide options for in-app purchases for certain features if you are interested in using them. Besides, there is also an option to subscribe to certain times of the application. All of that is adjusted to the service they will provide to you. If you choose free, don’t be surprised to find lots of ads later on when you are reading today latest education news in the media portal application.