Best Way To Learn Foreign Languages, Take A Peek At The Steps

Best way to learn foreign languages

Humans are born with a language instinct. Our brains are naturally bound to language. You can learn any language, anytime. No need to bother going to the destination country to be able to learn the language. The following is the best way to learn foreign languages.

1. Learn The Right Vocabulary in The Right Way

The best way to learn foreign languages is enriching your vocabulary. Vocabulary is the most common obstacle in learning a language (even in Indonesian), and most often makes people give up before even actually starting. The main key to being proficient in foreign languages ​​is to get closer to words that are familiar and are often used in everyday conversation.

Find out what vocabulary and phrases are most commonly used by people when talking move them into your homemade notes or use apps, such as the Anki app that you can download and learn regularly with a time-honed repetition strategy (once a day, every other day, etc).

Or, you can use your favorite reading books as a child (which you understand inside and outside of the storyline). Snow White or Pinocchio, for example in versions of the languages ​​you are learning as well as your mother tongue (for example, the Indonesian version, English, German and French).

2. Learn Languages ​​Every Day.

Many people claim to have studied a particular language for years but have not yet fluently used the language they are learning. It is possible that those who have learned the language for many years only learn it for a few hours a week.

If you want to learn a foreign language quickly, for example in a matter of weeks or months, you must commit to learning the language several hours a day. Repetition is very important in the language learning process.

So repeat vocabulary and sentences until you remember them. If you rest for too long, you can forget the things you just learned, and your study time will be wasted to repeat what has been learned.

3. Pay Attention to Word Pronunciation

Word pronunciation is the next ability you must learn. Memorizing your words will not be useful if you cannot pronounce them correctly. Therefore, when memorizing a word make sure to know how to pronounce it.

Learning the pronunciation of words through books can be quite difficult. To overcome this, use the help of native speakers or interactive programs. Say the word out loud until you master it.

If you practice pronunciation with native speakers, make sure the tutor does not immediately correct each time you make a mistake. If you are continually corrected, you will not master the pronunciation. Remember that pronunciation can distinguish between good speakers and fluent speakers.

4. Maintain The Quality and Quantity of Learning

Learning a language certainly has many obstacles, and many aspects of language can discourage someone. So, especially at the beginning of learning, it is important to prioritize quality to build a strong foundation. Where we can later expand our knowledge in a language.

It is important to focus on small portions of material and study them thoroughly from the beginning until understand. Some rules of thumb that can use as guidelines: Understand short and superficial language texts or units first. Long text or dialogue can cause you to easily distracted.

Learn 1-3 times a day, periodically in a fair share of time (for example, every 4 hours); Arm yourself with various skills. For example, when studying grammatical units “simple tense”, learn from different perspectives (read, talk, listen); Schedule your study period effectively.

Avoid studying at risky times for you to distract, and Focus your study time. Thirty minutes of one language intensive learning period is 10 times more effective than “multitasking” two hours for two languages ​​at the same time (or working on language unit that you think is too difficult).

Those are some of the best way to learn foreign languages. Don’t hesitate to be able to learn foreign languages. Because the trick is easy to do.