10 Best Learning Method For Students During The Quarantine At Home 

Students during the quarantine at home, they do homework themselves. Therefore, it is important to discipline children to want to learn. Students must be independent even if they learn at home. Here are 10  the best learning method for students during the quarantine. Namely :

1. Explain To Them Slowly 

Children will be more enthusiastic in learning by understanding the aims and objectives of the quarantine process. Thus, it is the duty of parents to explain that the quarantine process is a learning activity at home, not for holidays. So, they will understand slowly. 

2. Using the Learning Platform 

The second tip for the best learning method for students during the quarantine is using a learning platform on the gadget. Besides that, it is more practice and students will learn it is more fun, not boredom. They can learn each was in another situation. So, they can get high concentration. 

3. Create Online Study Groups

During the quarantine, it well hard to make a study group. But don’t worry, they can create a study group online. Create a study group on your smartphone. So, it is more interesting. Students can discuss the lessons in each other. Basically, learning with friends will more understand. 

4. Have Special Hours of Study

Time management is required. So the parents should give them attention to learn and to play. So, they have quality time between games and play. Thus they will discipline. It is one of the best learning method for students during the quarantine 

5. Two-Way Communication With Parents and Teachers. 

Another the best method for students during the quarantine is two-way communication with parents and teachers. Using a video call feature with the teacher. Thus, they can ask questions about lessons that are not understood by them. So, they will independent to finish their duties. 

6. Download Important Materi For Learning 

One of the best methods is downloading material from the internet.  All material that supports learning activities at home.Thus. Downloading material related to the subject will enrich the knowledge.  Thus, learning activities during quarantine will be more effective.

7. Make Quiz For Refreshing

Sometimes students feel bored, so to make them more enthusiastic in learning can give a Quiz. Giving them a quiz in between learning time can relax their minds again. So, they will more refreshing and easy to concentration. 

8. Entry Journal 

Journal Entry is one of the best Online learning methods.  They can keep a daily journal of the tasks they have done. Thus, it will be more effective to make a list of homework that does and don’t. Journals can also measure the extent to which students’ abilities in mastering lessons.

9. Get Homework 

Studying during quarantine, each student must be more independent.  For this reason, every school is required to socialize online applications so that it is easy to provide homework to these students.  Students can also easily access their homework.  

10. Using Applications For Learning 

The best method for students during the quarantine is using an application for learning at home. Teachers can give the homework for students, easily with cloud systems. Besides that, students can access their homework and lesson, easily. So, teachers can give a mark to their students online, so do the students. 

Those are some of the best online methods for students during the quarantine. So, they can learn at home, independent. They need some suggestions and explain that important learning from home during the quarantine. 

The Five Best Games with Story Android All the Time

One of the reasons why people enjoying a game is its storyline. Not many games have great character building and plot. Thus, to ensure that you play the right game, we are sharing with you the five best games with story Android here. Feel like you were really inside that virtual world. Then, enjoy the role you choose.

This game is really easy to play. Because you only follow the direction, then you will know what to do. Actually, there are various types of games with a story. But mostly it asks you to complete the mission. If you are typically someone who loves dive into the plot, these five best games with story Android might be suitable for you. Try one of them and enjoy your time!

1. Lonewolf

This game is full of conflicts, especially the moral one. You will be an assassin here that must kill people. It looks like a comic book style. Each level has a unique story. If you are a great shooter, then this game must be on your phone. When you play this game, you should keep aware. Because on several levels, you need to shoot without being alarmed.

2. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale was first launched as a PC game, then it was developed into a console game. Since Android became a trend, they made the Android version too. The storyline is funny, this what makes the game stands out. You will be equipped with weapons to kill the enemies.

3. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This game is sophisticated, fun, and very stylish. The game is about a Scythian warrior in searching a mysterious power in the Caucasus Mountains. You will be entertained with its music and eye-catching graphics. There are several battles you need to pass. However, your main goal is not only that battles, but you also have to explore and solve the riddles.

4. Her Story

This game actually invites controversy. The storyline is based one the police database about a murder in 1994. As the player, you should analyze the interview clips. But don’t be worry, even though it looks real, all things inside are fiction. The game provides a “search engine” so you can search for data needed by the keyword. You make a conclusion and ensure that yours the valid one.

5. Gone Home

We might say that one of the best games with story Android is Gone Home. This game is very interactive about a family. As a player, you will be a young girl who comes back after a long semester abroad. But things have changed totally, it starts from inside the house until the people. She cannot find anyone inside. Then, you find the letter, notes, and several clues. It is quite touching, but you still need to figure out why your family disappears.

Actually, there are still a lot of games with the story on the Google Play Store. But, as our recommendation, you should try one of the best games with story Android above. We have picked the best and most people play. So you will love them too to kill your boring during the day.

Best Education Websites To Learn Languages Easily And Comfortable

In this globalization era having only a native language will obstruct your improvement. As you need to interact with a lot of people from different backgrounds and languages, you need to possess more than one language. And to be a master in foreign languages, you need to study. Fortunately, it’s easy to learn other languages in this era. You can even learn them through the Internet. So, here are the recommendations for the best education websites to learn languages.

1. Duolingo

One of the best education websites to learn languages is Duolingo, especially when you want to learn from the basics. When you come to this site to learn, first of all, you’ll have to remember the basics words of the language you want to learn. After you get used to the words, you will learn the simple sentences.

Furthermore, you can see how much your progression with the language you learn with the help of the native. However, this app is not good enough if you have reached an advanced level. Nonetheless, it’s the best website for you if you want to learn a language from scratch. And you don’t even have to spend money to learn from this site as it is free.

2. FluentU

If you want to learn with fun and interesting methods, then go with FluentU. Unlike the other sites, FluentU teaches using videos as the method. Rather than formal instructional videos, this site uses fun videos such as movie clips, music videos or even just talking people.

Moreover, the video presents interactive, captions to make it easier for to you understand the language. However, this is not a free site. You have to pay for some money after the trial period that is 15 days.

3. Rype 

Rype is a website where you can learn a language in a  unique way. In this site, you will not learn a foreign language through videos or quizzes, instead,  you will have personal instructors to teach you. The method of this site is that you have 30 to 60 minutes where you will learn a language with the instructor through video calls.

However, the languages provided by this site are lesser than any other sites though it will improve soon.  And to be able to learn from this site you have to pay for about $65/month after seven days trial.

4. Babbel

Unlike the other language-learning sites where you learn a general topic, Babbel gives a particular topic you want to learn such as travel, food, and etc. After you choose the topic, you will learn the vocabulary regarding the topic.

If you wish to learn foreign languages through this site, you will have to spend about $12.95 per month. Also, this site does not provide free trial days though there is a payback on day 20. 

Nowadays, learn the other nation’s language is easier than before. Because of the existence of websites, you have a chance to learn many languages without too much effort. Furthermore, instead of going to various places just to learn the languages, you just need to stare at your phone or computer. So choose your best education websites to learn languages.

Best Destinations For European Summer, The Traveler Should Know This

Europe is known as a beautiful place for spending a holiday. This place provides many beautiful places in whatever the seasons, especially summer. If you haven’t visited Europe in the summer, you should try to visit this place on our next holiday. You can build your knowledge by the best destinations for European summer in the following paragraph first as the preparation.

1. Santorini in Greece

There are many activities that we can do along with summer in Europe. However, Santorini in Greece is the best place to visit in the European summer also. Santorini island provides you a wonderful panorama inside. You will face the red and black sand of beaches. around the beach, you can also bike while enjoying the air and panorama of the summer season. Every side of Santorini is good looking and great. It will be a great summer holiday.

2. Lagos in Portugal

Portugal also has a beautiful place in summer. If you want to spend your summer holiday in a relaxing place, you might spend your holiday in Lagos Portugal. Not only Relaxing place, but Lagos is also cheap that can be the best place along with the summer. The beach is surrounded by big Rock and cliffs. The air and the water of the beach can make a perfect harmony to complete your relaxing holiday in Lagos.

3. Valencia in Spain

Spain is a great place to visit, especially in summer. Except for spending a long day on the beach, Valencia in Spain provides more beautiful places that are also the best option for spending summer. You may eat the most wanted food in Valencia like gelato and dinner in Tapas while enjoying wine. Moreover, you can go around Valencia’s old town which has a wonderful historical building panorama and street art. If you ever hear about Romeo and Juliet, you may get the Romeo and Juliet feeling in the Valencia old town.

4. Budapest in Hungary

The fourth best destinations for European summer are Budapest in Hungary. This place provides the best place for a picnic with a beautiful panorama. There are the beautiful Danube river, Buda castle, Lake Balaton, and also Stephen’s Cathedral. However, the most famous places are Lake Balaton which is many visitors spend their summer here. You might get your wonderful summer holiday memory as long as here.

5. Reykjavik in Iceland

Another best trip in the summer holiday is going to Reykjavik in Iceland. You might go around the island which provides beautiful panorama on the whole surface. The views of summer in Iceland are better than another season, especially winter. In summer, we will see many interesting places such as waterfall, diving, hiking volcanoes, and many others. No one can regret to have a summer holiday here.

There many beautiful places on our beloved earth. However, the best destinations for European summer are also being the best option to spend your summer holiday. Invite your beloved friend, couple, and also family to get a better holiday than alone. We will sure, that you will build your unforgettable memory in every place as long as you are happy.

Recommendation On How To Get Rid Of Stitch Scars Naturally, Try It Now!

Do you have to do an operation before? So, it will also make you have stitch scars now. You will feel shame in your stitch scars, right? There are so many people want to get rid of their stitch scars. But they don’t know how to get rid of stitch scars naturally. Lots of them try very hard to lose these scars. There are many people do a wrong step for this

Everyone’s skin has a different character to recovery. Therefore, lots of them can’t be recovered soon. Stitch scars make lots of people be a shame when they are in public. It will make you not to be confident, right? Have you known that stitch scars also can get rid naturally? However, you need some time to do this, but it really helps you.

1. Cover and Clean Everyday

Home treatment is one of the best solutions that you can try. First home treatment that you can do is cover and clean your scars. Covering and cleaning this will help your scars to always clean and can be recovered soon. This is a very safe step for you, right? But you need more time to be recovery

2. Use Silikon Pad to Get Rid Naturally

One of the simple steps is to use a silicon pad. Besides cover and cleaning your scars, you can use a silicon pad. It will help your skin to be recovery naturally. There are so many silicon pads that you can use to cover this. It is one of the best steps on how to get rid of stitch scars naturally that you can try.

3. Never Use Hydrogen or Vitamin E

Have you known that hydrogen and vitamin 3 has a bad effect on your scars? There are lots of people who get allergic to vitamin E and hydrogen. On the other hand, lots of people usually use Vitamin E gel to get recovery. As you know this is the wrong step to get rid naturally. So, never use hydrogen and vitamin E again.

4. Protect It by Using Sunscreen

Do you often go out every day? You probably use open clothes out there. You have to know that your stitch scars have to be protected from the sun. As you know that sunscreen is safe for your scars. When you use sunscreen to protect this will help your scars to recovery soon.

5. Massage Your Stitch Scars

This is one of the simple steps that you can do. Massage the stitch scars every day will help your scars to break down. You can also use lotion to massage this. Every day, you can massage in 15 to 30 seconds. Use circular motion in one area of your scars will help your skin recovery. It really helpful, right?

After reading how to get rid of stitch scars naturally, you can apply these steps at home. This is a very useful recommendation for you to get more confident after this. So, you can use your trendy clothes when you go to the public, right? Your stitch scars can be recovery naturally soon.

Photo Booth Ideas For Wedding ReceptionTo Make Unforgettable Moment

Many people claim that a wedding is the most important part of life. That’s why you have to make this moment carves in your heart as the happiest event ever. For that purpose, there are many things you have to prepare. And a photo booth is a part of those things. You can use it to make memories with your friends and family. Let’s preserve your moment in the beautiful outfits and a beautiful smile on a wonderful photo booth. To do that, you can choose these photo booth ideas for wedding reception.

1. Stand-Up Board

There are many photo booth ideas for wedding reception that you can use. A stand-up board may suit you if you like to have fun with your friends and family. It can also catch your happy moment perfectly. As for the design, you can choose whatever you want. If you like, you can even make your and your partner figure as the design. Of course, with the hole on the face part so people can stick their heads and act like the bride and the groom.

2. Curtain Photobooth

A simple private photo booth is good for people who dislike crowds. It’s very easy to make and you can even make it yourself. What you need is a place far from crowds and a curtain that matches with your wedding theme. Furthermore, you can also add some ornament such as a lamp or a chair to make it more elegant. With this simple design, the people who take a photo will get more spotlight.

3. Fake-Framed Wall

A backdrop sometimes is used for photo booths at a wedding reception. However, a plain backdrop won’t do anything well. That’s why you can design it in a way that makes it like a wall. Of course, you can’t leave the images that printed on it. The image that matches your wedding theme is the best fake-framed wall. Don’t forget to add a chair to make it looks like a room. And to make it funnier adds some holes where people can stick their head out.

4. Chalkboard

Are you looking for unique yet cheap photo booths? If that the case, then you can choose this chalkboard. You just need to prepare a large blackboard with white letters printed on it. Furthermore. you can add some ornaments like flowers from paper to make it looks nice. It’s very simple, isn’t it? However, it still has a unique vibe.

Moreover, if you let your guests write a message on the blackboard. As time pass, it will get merrier and merrier with the message. To do that, you have to leave chalks and damp cloth so the guests can write their messages.

When celebrating a wedding, you have to prepare many things such as a theme, foods, photo booths, and many more. Although seems trivial, photo booths can make your wedding merrier. Moreover, you can capture all the happiest moments of your life in a unique way with it. That’s why you need to choose an appropriate photo booth ideas for wedding reception so that your wedding will go smoothly.

5G Networks And Gaming

Typically advancements inside the internet gaming industry drive it to the following level. In any case, now and then outside innovation advances can give the force. One such advancement is in the offing. It is 5G.

At the point when online club previously began the velocities were more slow than moderate. Little 40 megabyte documents took 12 hours to download. There was no doubt of moment play or portable gaming. The correspondence world has moved to 2G, 3G and 4G. This has empowered the play of slots and live dealer games on master88 mobile version. It is everything except sure that 5G will be propelled at some point in 2019. The system will presumably dispatch first in Canada. Word has it that Toronto and downtown Vancouver will be the first to experience 5G. 5G will be multiple times quicker than 4G. The primary bit of leeway will come in non-gaming applications like laying the basis for future advancements of self-driving vehicles, shrewd urban areas and genuine keen homes. This is on the grounds that it will require some investment for remote data to make a full circle.

5G depends on millimeter wave range. This incredibly high recurrence taking into consideration extremely quick information move rates accompanies one genuine disadvantage. It has a limiting short range. So countless millimeter wave radio wires should be introduced. This will require a colossal measure of work over a huge territory and an uncommon speculation too. Henceforth the 5G portable system innovation will occur in increases, with the emphasis initially being on the most thickly populated metro territories, and extending outwards.

The more significant and expansive applications will be first need for 5G technologists. Gambling club gaming and other individual exercises will take some opportunity approaching. So what can be normal from 5G portable gaming? The most evident application would appear to be live club games. That is the place the most extreme information transmission happens and that is one territory that can be said to be needing. In any case, the games providers should think of totally new applications that are not even thoughts now.

Computer generated reality gaming and expanded reality gaming are on the cusp of business abuse. The trust that the equipment will get sensibly evaluated. Be that as it may, these will bring about individual players playing club games alone. With 5G it could be conceivable to interface virtual gamers in various remote areas to give an increasingly vivid encounter.

Best Way To Learn Foreign Languages, Take A Peek At The Steps

Humans are born with a language instinct. Our brains are naturally bound to language. You can learn any language, anytime. No need to bother going to the destination country to be able to learn the language. The following is the best way to learn foreign languages.

1. Learn The Right Vocabulary in The Right Way

The best way to learn foreign languages is enriching your vocabulary. Vocabulary is the most common obstacle in learning a language (even in Indonesian), and most often makes people give up before even actually starting. The main key to being proficient in foreign languages ​​is to get closer to words that are familiar and are often used in everyday conversation.

Find out what vocabulary and phrases are most commonly used by people when talking move them into your homemade notes or use apps, such as the Anki app that you can download and learn regularly with a time-honed repetition strategy (once a day, every other day, etc).

Or, you can use your favorite reading books as a child (which you understand inside and outside of the storyline). Snow White or Pinocchio, for example in versions of the languages ​​you are learning as well as your mother tongue (for example, the Indonesian version, English, German and French).

2. Learn Languages ​​Every Day.

Many people claim to have studied a particular language for years but have not yet fluently used the language they are learning. It is possible that those who have learned the language for many years only learn it for a few hours a week.

If you want to learn a foreign language quickly, for example in a matter of weeks or months, you must commit to learning the language several hours a day. Repetition is very important in the language learning process.

So repeat vocabulary and sentences until you remember them. If you rest for too long, you can forget the things you just learned, and your study time will be wasted to repeat what has been learned.

3. Pay Attention to Word Pronunciation

Word pronunciation is the next ability you must learn. Memorizing your words will not be useful if you cannot pronounce them correctly. Therefore, when memorizing a word make sure to know how to pronounce it.

Learning the pronunciation of words through books can be quite difficult. To overcome this, use the help of native speakers or interactive programs. Say the word out loud until you master it.

If you practice pronunciation with native speakers, make sure the tutor does not immediately correct each time you make a mistake. If you are continually corrected, you will not master the pronunciation. Remember that pronunciation can distinguish between good speakers and fluent speakers.

4. Maintain The Quality and Quantity of Learning

Learning a language certainly has many obstacles, and many aspects of language can discourage someone. So, especially at the beginning of learning, it is important to prioritize quality to build a strong foundation. Where we can later expand our knowledge in a language.

It is important to focus on small portions of material and study them thoroughly from the beginning until understand. Some rules of thumb that can use as guidelines: Understand short and superficial language texts or units first. Long text or dialogue can cause you to easily distracted.

Learn 1-3 times a day, periodically in a fair share of time (for example, every 4 hours); Arm yourself with various skills. For example, when studying grammatical units “simple tense”, learn from different perspectives (read, talk, listen); Schedule your study period effectively.

Avoid studying at risky times for you to distract, and Focus your study time. Thirty minutes of one language intensive learning period is 10 times more effective than “multitasking” two hours for two languages ​​at the same time (or working on language unit that you think is too difficult).

Those are some of the best way to learn foreign languages. Don’t hesitate to be able to learn foreign languages. Because the trick is easy to do.

Tricks On How To Promote On Social Media That You Can Do

In this modern era, social media become exist among people. Everybody uses social media and no one doesn’t have a social media account. Thus, as a businessman, we should change to become smarter and take benefit from this phenomenon. As a businessman, we usually think about promoting our product. Therefore, we need to promote our product on social media. Then, how to promote on social media? Do you have some idea about it? Don’t worry, here are the ways to promote your product on social media and take more benefit.

How to promote on social media

1. Add The Social Media Profile

In social media such as Instagram, website, Facebook, Twitter, and many others has a photo profile. The photo profile commonly used for knowing the subject who uses social media. On the other hand, the profile is indicated the use of social media. Therefore, a profile is almost important. If you want to promote your business in social media, you need to make the profile clear in order to make people know you. put a photo of your product. Then, people will know about your social media account easily by looking at the profile.

2. Add The Brand Hashtags

On Instagram, you may familiar with the hashtag. The function of a hashtag is simple but it has an important role for promoting the business. The hashtag can bring someone to see your product. Thus, you need to put some hashtags on your post to make people easy to find you and looking at your product or social media account.

3. Use A Unique Icon Or Brand On Website

The third way about how to promote on social media is using a unique account. The unique account may seem simple, but it will give you a big benefit. What is the benefit? Do you know, by a unique account, people will easily find your product and social media? The unique account will make you different from others. Then, people will easily remember you and share your uniqueness with other people. Then, unconsciously, you share your brand into the world by the unique account.

4. Promote Social Media Accounts

Promoting your product is not enough. You need more than promoting your product. What is that? That is promoting your social media account. Whatever social media, you need to make people know your account. By promoting your social media accounts, on the other hand, you also promote your product together with the social media account. Therefore, promoting the social media account is as important as promoting your product.

5. Giving Some Discounts

We cannot deny that we like to get a discount. Therefore, if you want to make your product famous and bought by many people, you need to invite them by giving some discounts. From discounts, people will buy your product. Then, they will know you and repeating orders after knowing about the quality of your product. Giving a discount will be the best marketing that you should try.

Well, those are the elaborations about how to promote on social media. In business, you will get lucky and lack at the same time. But don’t be worry. Keep spirit and never lose your hope. Therefore, you will get your business grown up bigger than before.