10 Best Learning Method For Students During The Quarantine At Home 

best learning method for students during the quarantine

Students during the quarantine at home, they do homework themselves. Therefore, it is important to discipline children to want to learn. Students must be independent even if they learn at home. Here are 10  the best learning method for students during the quarantine. Namely :

1. Explain To Them Slowly 

Children will be more enthusiastic in learning by understanding the aims and objectives of the quarantine process. Thus, it is the duty of parents to explain that the quarantine process is a learning activity at home, not for holidays. So, they will understand slowly. 

2. Using the Learning Platform 

The second tip for the best learning method for students during the quarantine is using a learning platform on the gadget. Besides that, it is more practice and students will learn it is more fun, not boredom. They can learn each was in another situation. So, they can get high concentration. 

3. Create Online Study Groups

During the quarantine, it well hard to make a study group. But don’t worry, they can create a study group online. Create a study group on your smartphone. So, it is more interesting. Students can discuss the lessons in each other. Basically, learning with friends will more understand. 

4. Have Special Hours of Study

Time management is required. So the parents should give them attention to learn and to play. So, they have quality time between games and play. Thus they will discipline. It is one of the best learning method for students during the quarantine 

5. Two-Way Communication With Parents and Teachers. 

Another the best method for students during the quarantine is two-way communication with parents and teachers. Using a video call feature with the teacher. Thus, they can ask questions about lessons that are not understood by them. So, they will independent to finish their duties. 

6. Download Important Materi For Learning 

One of the best methods is downloading material from the internet.  All material that supports learning activities at home.Thus. Downloading material related to the subject will enrich the knowledge.  Thus, learning activities during quarantine will be more effective.

7. Make Quiz For Refreshing

Sometimes students feel bored, so to make them more enthusiastic in learning can give a Quiz. Giving them a quiz in between learning time can relax their minds again. So, they will more refreshing and easy to concentration. 

8. Entry Journal 

Journal Entry is one of the best Online learning methods.  They can keep a daily journal of the tasks they have done. Thus, it will be more effective to make a list of homework that does and don’t. Journals can also measure the extent to which students’ abilities in mastering lessons.

9. Get Homework 

Studying during quarantine, each student must be more independent.  For this reason, every school is required to socialize online applications so that it is easy to provide homework to these students.  Students can also easily access their homework.  

10. Using Applications For Learning 

The best method for students during the quarantine is using an application for learning at home. Teachers can give the homework for students, easily with cloud systems. Besides that, students can access their homework and lesson, easily. So, teachers can give a mark to their students online, so do the students. 

Those are some of the best online methods for students during the quarantine. So, they can learn at home, independent. They need some suggestions and explain that important learning from home during the quarantine.